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Zadok Watchmen guard the invaluable treasures given us by Yehuveh, just as any other watchman guards treasures valued by others! Zadok is an anglicized variant of the Hebrew word tsadaka which simply means right or rightness. Zadok Watchmen guard that which is right and pure and true! What an exalted privilege.
     Every person who loves truth and righteousness, and who guards and upholds it, is one of Yehuveh’s
anointed Zadok Watchmen! Welcome to this exciting and elevating treasure of invaluable wisdom, knowledge, and understanding!
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Zadok Watchmen
Additional Treasured Information includes the following:
The Book of Enoch
Enoch’s Second Vision
The Book of Jasher
Daniel 11-12 Re-examined
Revelation: Seven Years
Yehuveh’s Historical Calendar
Ezekiel, Micah, Zephaniah,
Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
Six Years of Returning   
the six Years of Darius)
Noah’s Year of Deliverance
Ezekiel’s Seventy Years
Chart of Twelves
Twelve Commandments
Restoring the Dozenal
Counting System
Reading: Books
Reading: Articles

                     Weary? Impatient?
               Yehuveh’s Answer in a Poem:
They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait

                 I hope and pray you will
           make time to study many of these
             additional guarded treasures!

           Each one will open a new door
            into all your Scriptural reading! 
The Solid Foundations

These guarded righteous truths cover a wide specter of topics:
Yehuveh Loves Us Completely
Practical Wisdom for Life
Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Basic Beliefs Re-examined
Yehuveh’s Time System
Opening Prophecy
Yehuveh’s Deeper Wisdom
Our Anointing and Assignment 
Don’t miss out
       on these guarded treasures!

Gael Bataman
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Originally Written:      11 February 2006  
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